Mold Inspection Services


Mold can be a disaster for your home as well as your family’s health and safety. We have to remember that mold can be caused by many different things. Mold can easily develop from moisture in the air and in the home. If you notice a change in the temperature or comfort ability in your home, it’s possible there is moisture in the air. If you notice windows building up water on the window sills, this could potentially turn into mold.


Common Causes of Mold in Your Home

  • Excessive Moisture
  • Leakage in Roofs, Pipes, Walls, Plant Pots
  • Flooding
  • Wet Cellulose Materials
  • Gutter Integrity
  • and more!


How Can Strong Home Inspections Help Get Rid of Your Mold?

With our mold inspection services, we can provide you with testing and inspection in your home to determine if mold is the issue. Mold can be found in different colors other than black, which most people will recognize. Hiring Strong Home Inspections will give you the answer you need in order to get rid of the mold. Mold is not created equally, remember!

We have the expertise and knowledge to let you know if your mold problem is simple and just needs remediation. We can provide you with the proper action steps including adding a dehumidifier or hiring a remediator.

Mold can cause health issues to arise when not taken care of immediately. Contact Strong Home Inspections & Environmental at 610-551-1350 today!